Posted on 27 Jun 2014

Even with great improvement in living standards and quality of public infrastructure, it is not uncommon for us to encounter obstacles as we go about our lives. The pathways we walk on are sometimes dotted with potholes, threatening to trip us if we are not careful. While they are unexpected, we know that rather than waiting for someone to come along and resolve the problem of potholes, we have to first take the initiative to protect ourselves. How easy it would be, if we could sense the presence of a pothole before we walk into it. Even better, the problem could be solved if the potholes were covered right before we encounter them. A more realistic solution: getting a walking stick to help us navigate the terrain. Or the imaginative: a pair of wings to soar over the now inconsequential potholes.

Now think of your travel on the pathway as your journey through life. The potholes could be the unforeseen difficulties each of us go through at some points in our lives. Many, inevitable, but nonetheless unanticipated. How do we pre-empt and address these problems before they develop into full-blown crises?

Stop Look Listen Workshops aim to equip you to walk properly by equipping you right. Learn to walk over potholes and walk on noble ground. Come, join us and learn to overcome destructive pride, impurity, insecurity, unforgiveness, hopelessness and emotional lethargy. Avoid potholes. Be equipped with a walking stick or a pair of wings.