SLL Healing Dance Therapy Workshop in China 2008
With setting of a-motion of the heels and soles, a-motion of healing of the soul is in the flow.
Workshop On 5 April 2014
We don't just sit around hoping for renewal and change in our lives. We get up, move our bodies, and do something about it.
Workshop On 29 March 2014
What better way is there to appreciate the goodness of life, than to surround yourself with it?
Workshop On 1 March 2014
To be a good dancer to the very rhythm of life, is to be a good listener to the very beating of our hearts.
Workshop On 22 Feb 2014
The scent of flowers and fields is sweet and satisfying. You breathe it in, and it reminds you of the feeling you feel when you haven't a care in the world. That smell, is probably the same as the smell of victory.