"I now self-reflect and make better decisions. Stop Look Listen has taught me just that."
Stop Look Listen has given me two noticeable things. Both my level of discernment and strength have increased, such that I am able to take on greater responsibilities and to face challenges.
"SLL helped me to be quiet and not affected by worldly affairs. To let go and relax."
“I learnt how to handle nasty situations by staying cool. I am freeing my ill emotions towards my spouse and learning to be patient with myself. Staying joyful in the midst of difficulties, embracing them instead of running away.”
“As I was taking my ‘O’ levels this year, I was so nervous. Stop Look Listen helped me to be calm and focused. And it has become easier to make new friends.”
“Stop Look Listen helped me to handle both difficult work and personal relationships. I now have the courage to be more open with others and I am also learning gradually to love them unconditionally.”
“Stop Look Listen has helped me to stay calm and not get angry easily. Be more conscious of the present to align myself in what I think, do and say. To slow down and to be still and not to fall into discouragement, nor entertain negative or depressive thoughts, as well as to develop patience, perseverance, courage, etc.”
“SLL has helped me in differentiating the things that really matter from those that do not really matter, so much so I am no longer easily offended by others.”
“SLL workshops have enabled me to attain achievements at work (for one, garnering a Gold Award in the international show) despite the fiery challenges at the workplace. Though the benchmarks for both the amount and quality of work have been elevated , I am empowered to overcome each challenge and raise my status in the eyes of people who once doubted me.
“SLL workshops heal my soul & build me up. I can return to more hope and am less and less fearful of what others think. Growing in joy daily and healing of my relationship with my wife.”